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Car rental


If you need a rental car, you’ve come to the right place!

Our services include:

Autorent Cars Autorent Cargo vans Autorent Minibuses
Car rental Cargo van rental Minibus rental


Rental of an electric car (Mia Electric). Drive more than 60 km in 24 hours and pay only 10 euros of rent! The vehicle will be rented out with fully charged batteries and can be returned with empty batteries (we give you a free 80 km of driving).
Charge from the standard 220V electricity system.
Autorent Electric Cars
Rental of the Mia Electric car


One-way rental (Tallinn-Tartu, Tallinn-Pärnu, Tallinn-Riga, Tallinn-Vilnius, etc.)

We also offer longer-term vehicle rental. If you need a long-term rental car, we will make you a tailor-made offer. Just give us a call or send an e-mail:

Our vehicles can also be taken out of Estonia, provided there is a respective clause in the agreement.

Renting an electric car best suits people who have the option of charging it at home or at their workplace. These economical electric cars are better suited for city driving. If you wish to drive beyond Tallinn, we recommend you hire a traditional car.


Affordable car rental in Tallinn.