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 Car rental in Italian style

I started to plan and prepare for my Italian trip mostly for the car rental as I have heard it can be complicated. Clients are often tricked with various additional services, contracts are tricky etc. I couldn’t travel without a car this time and having worked in car rental field for 10 years, I wanted to experience on my own skin to find out how difficult it really is in Italy. 

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Car rental in Rhodes island, Greec

At first I didn’t plan to rent a car in Rhodes. But since I saw two rental offices from the hotel balcony, I thought it would be nice to visit the other side of the island especially since they offered cute Fiat 500 cars for rent. We saw at least one rental company on every street of the town. But we still went to the office that we saw from our hotel window as the team became a familiar to us – it was interesting to see how they work while we were sitting on the hotel balcony. They used to wash their cars on the street just outside their office.  

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