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 Car rental in Tallinn, Estonia


The medieval city centers within the Europe, with constructions dating through the 11th century, married with a keen feeling of modernism, since this country carefully preserves its traditions while stepping into the future. A car rental in Tallinn will assist you to make the most of numerous prime locations in Northern Europe. In case you don't trust taxis or just prefer to drive on your own, you need a rental car.


No visit to Tallinn is complete without having a tour from the beautifully preserved old city. Highlights are the town hall, St Mary's Cathedral and the amazing view from Toompea Hill. Renting a car in Tallinn from autorent enables you to explore the city with ease but also makes it easy to obtain a road trip and learn even more of Estonia. In about thirty minutes drive from Tallinn you will discover the Jagala Falls, the largest waterfall inside country. Spectacular throughout the year, the falls are specifically worth visiting in cold winters while they always freeze in dramatic fashion.


Escape town crowds by maneuvering to the village of Kaberneeme using its long beach. Fans of nature can pick between the swamps and bogs with the Soomaa National Park towards the south of Tallinn or perhaps the Lahemaa National Park to the East from the city making use of a rental car is the best way to travel around Estonia. Wide roads and hugely traffic-free are pretty well maintained throughout every season.


Snow certainly does not worry us; we view it every winter and then quickly clear it. In the summer, with your long hours of daylight, you can start early and as well drive late, how preferably this is not on the same day! Tour operators who specialise in Estonia could have no any issue in arranging car-hire in your case.


Petrol is reasonable and available within the country. Prices differ little between companies. A lot of petrol stations are open around the clock and generally give a reasonable number of hot drinks and snacks.


Electric cars are usually obtainable for hire within stations in Tallinn. Some towns are in possession of parking meters; usually, it is possible to pay by cell phone. Check the instructions once you park. They should be in English along with Estonian. Save time and cash by adding extras like additional drivers, supplemental insurance, booster seats or a sat navigation system at the time you make your booking. Whether you're going to Tallinn for business or pleasure, you'll find the perfect rent on automobile for your needs.


You can rent an automobile quickly and comfortably straight from your computer. Choose the right car to suit your needs, fill out the form and then submit for additional process.

Arrange a car rental in Tallinn, Estonia, and discover the medieval charm of this ancient capital! Tallinn boasts with one of the best preserve different alternatives to take a car. It would be easy to hire a car from your airport or harbour.


Tourism in Tallinn

Tallin, Estonia is a city filled with historic areas. Perhaps one of the city’s best attractions is the Medieval Old Town. This area was built between the 13th to 16th centuries, so the Old Town does not just look Medieval, it actually is. Here, tourists will find themselves immersed in a place where roads are made of cobblestone with beautiful iron street lamps to light the way towards gothic and medieval style buildings. Just a few of the famous attractions in Old Town are the Bastion Tunnels, Danish King’s Garden, Dominican Monastery Museum (the oldest building in Tallin), Hellemann Tower and Town Wall, House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads, Kiek in de Kok (a defensive tower), and the Toompea Castle.

Another part of Tallin that is famous for attracting tourists is Kadriorg. This area shows an era back when Russian Tsars ruled Estonia. Easily known as a high society location, many people remain in noble villas and summer estates. Many political leaders have settled their homes in Kadriorg simply because of its dignified location. Some of the best places to visit when in Kadriorg are the Japanese garden at Kadriorg park, Kadriorg Palace, Russalka, and the Festival Grounds.

Aside from famous locations, Tallin is also famed for holding numerous events throughout the year. Fetivals such as the Nargen Festival, Birgitta Festival, and the August Dance Festivals are only three of the many Festivals they have during the year. Along with that they also have sports and theater events. With so many events happening throughout the year, it seems as if there is something to celebrate and do every month in Tallin.

Tallin isn’t just about sightseeing and attending festivals, though. When people aren’t busy aweing at the majesties of Tallin or partying to their hearts content, there are a few other things that tourists can do. Going to numerous spas, riding ATVs, flying on balloons, sailing on a yacht, paddling on boats, golfing, playing paintball/bowling/laser tag/ice hockey, riding go-karts, ice skating, riding bikes or horses, going to adventure and snow parks, and shooting at ranges are only a few of the many activities that people can do in Tallin while on vacation.