Tourism in Tallinn


Tallin, Estonia is a city filled with historic areas. Perhaps one of the city’s best attractions is the Medieval Old Town. This area was built between the 13th to 16th centuries, so the Old Town does not just look Medieval, it actually is. Here, tourists will find themselves immersed in a place where roads are made of cobblestone with beautiful iron street lamps to light the way towards gothic and medieval style buildings. Just a few of the famous attractions in Old Town are the Bastion Tunnels, Danish King’s Garden, Dominican Monastery Museum (the oldest building in Tallin), Hellemann Tower and Town Wall, House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads, Kiek in de Kok (a defensive tower), and the Toompea Castle.

Another part of Tallinn that is famous for attracting tourists is Kadriorg. This area shows an era back when Russian Tsars ruled Estonia. Easily known as a high society location, many people remain in noble villas and summer estates. Many political leaders have settled their homes in Kadriorg simply because of its dignified location. Some of the best places to visit when in Kadriorg are the Japanese garden at Kadriorg park, Kadriorg Palace, Russalka, and the Festival Grounds. Aside from famous locations, Tallinn is also famed for holding numerous events throughout the year. Fetivals such as the Nargen Festival, Birgitta Festival, and the August Dance Festivals are only three of the many Festivals they have during the year. Along with that they also have sports and theater events. With so many events happening throughout the year, it seems as if there is something to celebrate and do every month in Tallinn. Tallinn isn’t just about sightseeing and attending festivals, though. When people aren’t busy aweing at the majesties of Tallinn or partying to their hearts content, there are a few other things that tourists can do. Going to numerous spas, riding ATVs, flying on balloons, sailing on a yacht, paddling on boats, golfing, playing paintball/bowling/laser tag/ice hockey, riding go-karts, ice skating, riding bikes or horses, going to adventure and snow parks, and shooting at ranges are only a few of the many activities that people can do in Tallinn while on vacation.

Tallinn is not only one of Estonia's most amazing cities, but one of Europe's. It is a beautiful blend of wonderfully preserved Medieval buildings, many dating as far back as the 11th century, and ultra modern services. The Old Town is so special that is has been created a UNESCO World Heritage Site and something every visitor should experience. In addition to Tallinn's many historic sites, the city also boasts some of the best shopping in Europe with many dedicated shopping areas. The city sits on the shores of the Gulf of Finland providing plenty of scenic coastline to explore with your car rental. 
Like any city, you can expect there to be plenty of traffic in Tallinn, but there is plenty of paid parking space available. Something you get in Tallinn that isn't common in other major cities is that the first 15-minutes are usually free; make sure to place your clock with your start time in your front window to take advantage of this. Your car rental is a great way to explore the outer areas of the city, such as Metsakalmistu Cemetery, the Kalamaja District, Holy Birgitta Monastery, and Tallinn Zoo. It also is the best way to explore Estonia's countryside, going places you'd never reach using public transport.

There really is so much to see and do and around Tallinn, Estonia, that it only makes sense to arrange for a car rental before you go in order to make the most of your time in this captivating city.  Whether you'll be in the area for a couple of days or a matter of weeks, Autorent can help you see all of the sights with their large fleet of fully-equipped vehicles.  They offer great car rental and minivan rental deals, and they even provide an electric car hire service in Tallinn.


Tallinn served as a European Capital of Culture in 2011, and with very good reason.  Anyone visiting this beautiful capital city will undoubtedly want to take in Tallinn's Old Town, rich with history and picturesque charm.  This area is so uncommonly well-preserved that it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  From Toompea Castle, which today serves as the meeting place of the Estonian Parliament, to St. Mary's Cathedral, the lone surviving building after a devastating 17th century fire in the area, you'll find a segment of the city that's teeming with culture.  Colorful buildings and cobblestone streets offer visitors a cheery welcome to this scenic town center.


With the advantage of a car rental at your disposal, it's mere minutes from central Tallinn to check out the stunning architecture and grounds at Kadriorg Palace, east of the Old Town district.  Once you've taken in the palace, drive a little farther out from the city center to explore the ruins of the Pirita Convent, a monastery built out of dolomite that dates from the 15th century.  These attractions make an excellent daytrip in a car or minivan and they are a great way to embrace some of the local history.


We suggest that you visit Old Town which is filled with buildings that are centuries old but still outfitted with modern conveniences such as cafes and wireless internet access so you can send friends and loved ones back home videos of what you see today.

     Old Town is considered by the United Nations to be a World Heritage Site due to its significance in local history. The first building in Old Town was a castle constructed sometime in the 13th century by Teutonic Knights. You’ll be amazed at how intact many of the buildings in Old Town are considering their age; some of these buildings are nearly one thousand years old! In the upper part of Old Town you will find the aforementioned castle and an equally impressive cathedral. In the lower part of Old Town you will find a stunning assortment of buildings that are also centuries old. Among these buildings are guilds for craftsmen, monasteries, a number of churches and businesses such as markets and even a pharmacy. There are very few places on Earth that have such a splendidly preserved and complete representation of a town as it existed several centuries ago. A visit to Old Town will satisfy your desire for a beautiful view and a romantic atmosphere while your children will learn about the historical significance of the area and what life was like over the last several centuries.

     If your family has a craving for adventure then be sure to see the Bastion Tunnels in Old Town. These were constructed under the town barriers in the 17th century in order to quickly move soldiers and equipment to vital areas of the city in case of attack. The tunnels are still accessible today. In fact, you will be able to see more than a few examples of the equipment that was used to construct these tunnels back then. Don’t worry about getting lost; the Bastion Tunnels are only available through guided tours. There is even a combined tour that features both the tunnels and a massive tower. At the very top of the tower is a coffee shop where you can enjoy a beverage while partaking in a stunning view of the area and how the castle and cathedral make for an impressive skyline.

     There are many other attractions in and around Old Town that we hope you will see including the Dominican Monasetry Claustrum, the Estonian Maritime Museum, the House of the Brotherhood of Black Heads and the Maiden’s Tower. A car rental will make it much easier for you to see more of what Talinn, Estonia has to offer. It will certainly be friendlier to your budget over the long run instead of hiring a taxi for each destination you wish to visit. Why not give us a call and reserve your rental car? An adventure is waiting for you in Talinn.