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Welcome To; Your No1 Choice For Car Rentals In Tallinn!

It doesn’t matter if you need a car, a cargo van, or a minibus; Autorent is here to provide it to you and make sure you have many choices at excellent, good prices!

What’s more, we also offer you long-term vehicle rentals, along with rentals that allow you to even

take the car out of Estonia!

All we want is you to have a smooth driving experience, regardless of your car renting needs!

Welcome To; Its Great To Have You With Us!

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, yet very important to us; we are dedicated to providing you with the best

vehicles for your needs. Apart from that, we have great flexibility when it comes to our contracts.

Whether you’re on your own or with your family, or you’re the owner of a travel agency, we will ensure your 100% satisfaction with our services!